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The Ends of the Loaf

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

I was reminded recently of an aphorism I came up with many years ago: "The ends of the loaf are food for the ducks."

I now live in Budapest where there is a lot of fresh-baked bread, not only in numerous small bakeries, but in a section of every grocery store. So I buy these delicious little ovals instead of sliced and packaged bread. I don't, however, like eating the small crusty ends. But someone does!

Instead of throwing away what I don't want, I put them on our patio table and it's such a joy to watch these little fellows enjoy them. I love that what is a small unappealing object to me is a huge glorious feast for the birds around me.

This aphorism reminds me that harmony and abundance are all around if I start thinking that way. Nothing need go to waste, and our various desires can complement and blend with each other.

The cynics will say, "That's a nice idea. I wish it were always true." I have found that to insist on thinking this way is the best way to make it come true.

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