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Volume 2 in the Making Belief series:
Essays towards a Natural, Magical, Intelligent Faith 

Of Geometry & Jesus 
Essays from Outside the Fishbowl of Western Culture

These essays offer us perspective on the ways our culture has conditioned us to feel divided and confused, buffeted by competing ideas about existence. In these essays, you’ll discover a way to feel yourself more wholly, as part of a coherent, meaningful cosmos—one in which Western civilization is but one of many stars.

Essays Include:
I. Living Next Door to Heaven: Why the Divine is Here to Stay
II. Country Bumpkins: Why We've Never Seen the World
III. Division Vision: Western Culture's Insistence on Separation
IV. Of Geometry & Jesus: How We Live in What We Believe
V. You Are Your Philosophy: The Non-Rational Roots of Rational Western Culture
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