as Pleasure

where my poems come from

Wordsworth wrote, “The poet writes under one restriction only, namely, the necessity of giving immediate pleasure to a human being.” That’s what poetry is to me. The pleasure of letting go. The pleasure of allowing. The pleasure of dropping everything except what feels good.


I have created art ever since I drew football players and penguins as a little boy. It has taken many forms since—cartoons, short humor pieces, comedy screenplays, short stories, and songs. As a boy, of course, I drew for the love of it. Gradually, though, official stamps of approval began to feel more important—money, popularity, gig attendance, blah, blah, blah.


Finally, a few years ago, I decided to dedicate an hour every morning to sipping coffee and writing anything I felt like. Or nothing at all. Sometimes I wrote in my journal. Sometimes I looked out the window at the trees and the birds and the occasional squirrel that ran along the top of the fence. There was nothing on the line, no one's expectations to live up to. Not even mine. 


That’s when these poems came. I love them dearly. Maybe you’ll like some of them too.

© 2018 by Chris Dingman