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Reality - A Life-Giving Definition

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

I'm making a little book called Just So Many Words: A Dictionary of Life-Giving Definitions. The premise is that no definition can ultimately be right, so why not use those that are the most helpful?

Is this definition of reality life-giving? It's meant to challenge. Some people may think they know what reality is. This definition of reality claims they don't.


Reality... the limiting theory we form about existence, based on the limited evidence we choose to pay attention to.


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I wish it were so that life could be nestled into a cute tea cup of words about reality but "reality" is much bigger than that and so big in fact that a universe can't seem to contain its breath of meaning!

Replying to

Yes. There are two meanings. The big true meaning is way beyond words and concepts, as misomoon says. And it's always changing too, because it constantly creates itself (through us and in other ways). We have no hope of defining that. So I chose to define the word the way people usually use it. But this definition suggests the bigger one. If everyone's idea of reality is limited, then there is always more to explore and create. And no one gets to be complacent. (The poet Wallace Stevens wrote, "Reality is not what it is. It consists of the many realities that it can be made into.” I hope that makes things less clear, 😊)

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