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God Asks Only For One Thing

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

The sunset, the seagull, the crashing waves, the great slow turning of our planet.

The inspiration that visits me, a new person coming into my life, my heartbeat and very breath...

Do I do a thing to make those happen?

I am noticing more and more what may be the central miracle of life...

God—or the universe, or whatever the hell you want to call it—gives.

I but receive.

And I receive to the extent I believe I deserve.

If I'm running around trying to prove my worthiness through actions, that's a reflection of a belief that I don't deserve.

I may think I'm not getting what I want because I'm not doing enough or doing the wrong thing.

But it's the belief behind those actions that is really choking off my receiving.

The nothing that God asks of me doesn't mean I do nothing.

It's what's behind the doing that matters.

It's whether I'm running on fumes or on rocket fuel.

The right action arises from rocket fuel. That is, from right thinking.

From right belief.

And it's effortless.

So a day in, day out practice of noticing my beliefs is what's really required.

The nothing that God asks of me, then, is actually easy.

It's only "the hardest thing of all" because I've been conditioned by practically the entire culture my whole life not to trust that God asks nothing of me.

Surprise! They're wrong.


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