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from Advice for Me and Maybe You

this thing you’re doing


right now it’s called



what thing? this?



We want to fall in love.

We want to

be loved, to have



in love with us.


It’s always someone else

that we want

to love us.

Always someone else we want

to do what we won’t.


That’s like saying, “Come on in,

the door’s locked.”

In the Gospels,

the word

in the original

Greek that English-

men translated as “sin”

did not mean sin.


It meant “to miss

the mark” as when

in Homer, a spear curves

off target.

That’s all.


There was another

Greek word that meant

sin. It was not used.


Christ did not speak of sin.

He spoke of missing the mark.

He wasn’t fierce about morality.

He was fierce about turning

from error.


Be fierce about turning

from any thought

that says you are not loved.

from The Morning I Married the Sky


from Free this Morning

© 2018 by Chris Dingman